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Nikfard Khazar Industrial Group has more than 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing refrigeration equipment using the latest technologies in order to further develop the production of polyurethane panels, heavy and semi-heavy truck containers, industrial refrigerators, and prefab and industrial trailers and containers.

- Selling and manufacturing various types of industrial refrigerators and freezers                                        
- Stationary and mobile refrigerators, self-service accessories, industrial exhaust hoods;                           
- Installing and repairing various types of Thermo King® or Sanden® refrigeration equipment;
- Manufacturing and ordering refrigerated containers insulated with injected foam;
Fard Refrigeration Industries has produced the first refrigerated container for the Arisan automobile. 
Nikfard Khazar Co. is the first Iranian company to build and install refrigerated containers for light trucks.

The refrigeration systems can be powered by the following:

- Car engine;
- Car engine + urban electricity;
- Urban electricity + diesel or petrol engine;
- Urban electricity + car engine + diesel or petrol engines.

 Address: Fard Refrigeration Co., After Kalleh Co. and before the intersection, 5th kilometer of the Rasht-Lahijan road, Rasht, Gilan province, Iran.
Phone: 98 1333872020, 98 1333872838, 98 1333872848
Mobile phone: 98 9115080308 , 98 9114312008

Our Products

Container for egg delivery with warm and cold compressor

Freezer Tunnel

Stationary and mobile refrigerators

All kitchen accessories

Cooler Milk

Industrial Fridges

Water cooler

Refrigerated containers for various car types

Live poultry and chicken transport container

Egg Transport Container

Ceiling and wall sandwich panel


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